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Mortgage Banker | NMLS# 181884

Gena's abundant positive energy, work ethic and people skills give her an edge in the mortgage industry. She has over a 20 yrs. of experience in the financial industry and a talent for analyzing situations and creating perfect financial solutions. Gena works closely with both her Realtors and the borrowers and is committed to helping individuals and families realize their dream of home ownership. Your unique needs and requirements make working with a professional like Gena a necessity. She provides individualized attention and the professional services you deserve. Gena has an undergraduate degree in Communications from ASU and an MBA in Business Management and Marketing from Western. She is licensed in AZ and CA and is actively working in both markets. From First Time Homebuyers to Multi-Million dollars purchases, she has a program.

Gena's abundant positive energy, work ethic and people skills give her an edge in the mortgage industry. She has over a 20 yrs. of experience in the financial industry and a talent for analyzing situations and creating perfect financial solutions. Gena works closely with both her Realtors and the borrowers and is committed to helping read more …

Professional and hard working!
"In short Gena is the most professional loan person I have ever worked with. Her attention to detail, industry knowledge and strong work ethic gets the deal done on time. As a bonus she is wonderfully kind and always has a smile on her face. All of the above yields excellent customer service and a pleasant loan experience. After working with her for nearly 10 years I can confidently recommend her for your transaction." Brian V., Phoenix AZ
Gena is a true professional
"We have worked with and recommended Gena for many years. As a Realtor, it's absolutely crucial to have a lender who's on top of things, knows their products and can communicate quickly and effectively with our clients throughout all stages of the buying process. The financial side of buying a home can be stressful for the client, and is usually where things can go sideways. We simply cannot afford to refer our clients to people who are inexperienced or don't have a strong internal back-end support system. Gena's personality, market knowledge and ability to help guide clients through the sometimes challenging process of getting their loan approved is what makes her a superstar. We highly recommend her and are confident you will be pleased with her. -Amy Angelo, Realtor" Amy A., Phoenix AZ
Helped us after a foreclosure
"My husband and I were looking to own a home after a foreclosure during the recession. We were extremely nervous and really unsure how we were going to navigate the home buying process. I knew we were in good hands from the first conversation I had with Gena! Gena was professional, knowledgeable, fast and above all truly cared about providing the best possible financing that we were both comfortable with. Gena was patient and took her time with us. Close to us closing on our home I was notified that I would have to take on a new project at work that would be extremely time consuming. Gena was able to close our house early so I could focus on one major thing at a time. I would recommend Gena for all your mortgage needs, you won't regret it!" Kristin M., Peoria AZ
Gena is the BEST!
"She is quick, thorough, and is always on top of things! She made my home buying experience as easy as it could possibly be. She doesn't miss details and gets the fastest close imaginable! Gena is super professional, EXTREMELY knowledgeable, and always willing to go the extra mile for her clients. I Gena and Watermark!" Felicia W., Phoenix AZ
Met all of our deadlines!
"Gena was absolutely phenomenal during my home purchase process! I had a serious time crunch but Gena worked very closely with my agent and she was able to complete the financing process in 15 days. I appreciate her flexibility, her dedication and her communication skills. Gena and her team made me feel as if I were their only client during that time, though I know that was not actually the case. They gave me confidence and support throughout what is typically a stressful and emotional time. I am not planning to move again anytime soon but when I do I will only use Gena and Watermark, I highly recommend them!" Tracy B., Phoenix AZ
Gena is the best of the best!
"We have worked with her on more than one occasion and she is a consummate professional. She made the transaction virtually seamless, with no surprises. We would highly recommend her! Thank you for your tremendous work ethic and positive attitude, Gena!" Rebecca C., Phoenix AZ
"You guys....i can't even tell you...Gena is the BEST. Like THE BEST. This is the 3rd time around I've used her and I wouldn't settle for anyone else. Every real estate agent I've had sings nothing but her praises. She's quick, responsive, and doesn't mess around. It's to the point where I just defer to her judgment because she hasn't steered me wrong yet. It also helps to be able to text, email, call her anytime of day pretty much. I don't think she sleeps. Seriously. Homegurl is just a loan machine I think. I was offered a discount through my employer to use a different lender for the sale of my current house and I declined it, just because I trust Gena so much and I didn't want to mess around when it comes to hundreds of thousands of dollars!" S. H., Irvine CA
Thank you Gena
"Gena is the best. Her expertise and focus got us into our dream lifestyle!" Brian B., Gilbert AZ
We love working with Gena!
"Gena was a great help for us, guiding us through the loan process. It was our first house, so we asked a lot of questions and Gena was always there for us :) She is very quick about answering calls and emails, and providing information requested. Gena is diligent, enthusiastic and very positive, we had a pleasure working with her. Definitely recommend her services to anyone who is looking for a good mortgage." Elena A., Irvine CA
"We have used Gena for the purchase of two homes in Arizona and both went smoothly and very quickly. Can't thank her enough!" Sharon A., Phoenix AZ
She always had my back!
"Working with Gena as my mortgage broker was an exceptional experience. She, much like me, is a "get things done" type of individual, so it was refreshing to partner with someone who was so responsive and moved the process forward the way she did. She always had my back, not only making sure I was approved and set up from a lending perspective, but imparting wisdom with respect to the complex process of buying a home. My wife and I dubbed Gena and our awesome Mortgage Professional in AZ. as the "A Team." She rocked it!" Brian I., Surprise AZ
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