Watermark Home Loans Accessibility Statement

Watermark Home Loans helps all people achieve home ownership. Just as home loans must be accessible to people of all different backgrounds, watermarkhomeloans.com must be accessible to all people, including those that might not be able to hold a mouse or view a screen.

With this understanding, Watermark Home Loans has made its website more accessible to all people. Recent improvements help all users, and especially those that rely on assistive technology such as screen readers. Watermark Home Loans has partnered with Be Accessible to help makes it site more inclusive.

Watermark Home Loans can be navigated and all site actions can be done exclusively via keyboard. We’ve added ARIA to help assistive technology like screen readers better organize the information on our website. We’ve made a lot of changes recently and Watermark Home Loans is not done. Website accessibility is achieved with a regular feedback loop.

Watermark Home Loans has developed a robust, internal accessibility testing regimen. Watermark Home Loans tests its site with assistive technology such as screen readers, text magnifiers, PDF readers, and color contrast correction tools. Watermark Home Loans has commissioned specialized accessibility developers to review and update its website. To build empathy with more than code, Watermark Home Loans has been tested and reviewed by users with disabilities that rely on assistive technology.

Watermark Home Loans’ website has been tested by real people with disabilities, but that does not mean new issues may not arise. Watermark Home Loans will make iterations to the site following regular internal accessibility reviews and based on received public feedback.

If parts of the site are not navigable, please contact (1-800-753-8469) Watermark Home Loans will make all reasonable efforts to make the page accessible for you.

Please be aware our efforts are ongoing. If at any time, you have specific questions or concerns about the accessibility about any of Watermark’s online presence, please reach out to our point of contact, info@watermarkhomeloans.com.

Watermark Home Loans works hard to make the site accessible. We look forward to your feedback.

Be Accessible

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Terms, conditions & restrictions apply. Subject to underwriting approval. Application required; not all applicants will be approved. Property insurance and other documentation may be required. Loan secured by a lien against your property. Consolidating or refinancing debts may increase the time and/or the finance charges/total loan amount needed to repay your debt. Fees and charges may apply, and may vary by product and state. Taxes & insurance extra. Appraisal and other fees paid outside of closing (POC) are non-refundable. Important information relating specifically to your loan will be contained in the loan documents, which alone will establish your rights and obligations under the loan plan. Call for details.